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Curtis "50 cent" Jackson

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In collaboration

Judge Lina Hidalgo

Public Access 
Stem Innovation Hub

Image by Jeswin Thomas

NRG Center: Jan 2023
Harris County, Houston TX 

Danielle Officer Inc, is a black woman owned corporation.

That creates public access S.T.E.M innovation hubs from underserved county real estate.

Like myself: Our corporate and sponsorship partners believe:

In the importance of investing 

into human innovation.

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Autism, anxiety, ADHD, Poor impulse control are signs of a hypersensitive aka an

empathetic human being.

Negative energy from environments that are toxic & traumatic causes US to not trust our foundation.

Without a creative outlet:

That negative energy is trapped in our hypersensitive bodies.

Cohort: a group of people banded together or treated as a group.

Experiments Cohort

Cohart's will play with different types of compounds conduct creative experiments and projects that can teach real scientific principles in a fun, hands-on way.

Adult Cohort

Adult cohorts play with complex compounds, circuitry and wiring. Experimenting with ways to improve everyday items. 

Builders Cohort

Cohart's Enhance problem solving and future-ready skills through Project-based building activities.


Scholarship backed Builder, Robotics & Drone Competitions for business or education or personal needs.

Hypothesis Cohort

Activities to help cohart's make rational and evidence-based predictions about different phenomena.

Independent Innovation

Its literally an innovation playground 

from robotics to 3d printing come test out your idea!

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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We need release that energy through creativity.
With other cohorts.
Then we can balance ourselves.


Membership Includes unique family friendly amenities:


Stroller Parking


Multiple Children + experiments = Chaos

Access to ESOF - Extra Set of hands

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Milkers Way

Family classes 1 hr. ~ Adults 1.5 -2 hrs

Individual. Families. or Adults only. There's fun & learning for everyone!

Experiments Cohort  

  • Make ice cream in a bag

  • Make a fire snake

  • Turn milk into plastic

  • How much weight can aluminum foil hold

  • Grow rock candy in a glass

  • Use lemon juice to make invisible ink

Science Class

Builders Cohort

Make an electro magnetic doorbell

Make a speaker

Make an electro magnetic train

Make LED throwies

Build a simple electric motor

Build a robot

Hypothesis Cohort

Sink or float

Color changes

Make fluff from soap

Blow up a balloon 

without air

stem kids.jpg
Ford Robot-MAIN_i.jpg

Adult Only Cohort

Make a handled fireball

Make magic mud 

Make a cloud in a bottle 

Mess around with flouresent 

Make a noodle rocket

Freeze water instantly

Build a hybrid rocket engine

Innovative Competitions 

Lego builders' competition

Robotics competition 

Drone competition 


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