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Police Officer: Criminal Inadvertent Malfeasance

Kennesaw Police Department & Cobb County prosecutors are currently attempting to railroad and portray me as an angry abusive black woman to MY ex-husband.

I was arrested for:

1. Refusing to answer any further questions (after an over 3-hour interrogation in my home by over 8 officers)

2. Telling my 6'4 240lb ex-husband "If you come down here again I will taser your ass" (my only means of self-defense.

3. A video of me arching my taser (shown to the police by my ex-husband to corroborate my arrest)


Then Criminally Charged with:

1. Terroristic Threats 

2. Simple Assault: Fear

KPD | Police Officer, ofc Ms. Brooklyn Owens, ofc B. Smith, ofc. Hubbartt

cover up their wrongful arrest of me. A disabled black philanthropist, humanitarian and mother of 5.

Below is the actual breakdown of evidence #1-#8

KPD arresting incident report #2301-0785

Ofc Ms. Brooklyn Owens

Ofc Mr. Hubbartt who

Questioned the Validity of 

my TBI and disability!

Officer Brooklyn Owens standing in the living room

#1. First responding Officer Ms. Brooklyn Owens and partner Ofc. Hubbartt arrive at our then family  home @ 10:53 PM

#2. First responding Officer Ms. Brooklyn Owens, was not mentioned as the first responding officer on KPD arresting incident report #2301-0785. I will show you how Ms. Owens wrote this report in third party, pretending to be the black male officer. Mr. B. Smith

Over 2 Hours of Interrogation

Officer B. Smith - Black male officer.jpg

The actual ofc B. Smith- Black Male

Over 2 hours of questioning officers STILL did not have probable cause for an arrest

AND 2 additional police vehicles

The Front Vivint cameras recorded:

Mr. ofc B. Smith asking Mr. Francis "So, you say you were afraid for your life, then why did you come down stairs"? With is hands extended gesturing his confusion by Mr. Francis Claim.

#3. KPD arresting incident report #2301-0785 is narrated by I, Officer Smith (Who is black male captured by vivint cameras above)

#4. KPD arresting incident report #2301-0785 Ms. Brooklyn Owens simple mindedly missed Ms. Officers statement in the report:

Danielle continued to yell that I was a female officer and I was questioning her rather than believing that Francis was lying about the altercation.




#6 Reminder this KPD arresting incident report #2301-0785 Ms. Brooklyn Owens maliciously narrated in third party pretending herself as the Black Male ofc: B. Smith as shown in


*ofc Ms. Brooklyn Owens writes I ofc B. Smith returns to KPD headquarters and applies for an arrest warrant electronically.


During a verbal altercation with Michael Francis said accused threatened to use her CEW against Francis if he walked downstairs to the main floor of the residence. Which CONTRADICTS the arrest statement on KPD #2301-0785

Judge Toqeer foolishly accepts Officer Owens false statement and issues an arrest warrant!

** Danielle is 5'8" with hands cuffed behind my back knees touching the back of the seat AND diagnosed Oct 2022 with degenerative scoliosis. Ofc Ms. Brooklyn Owens created a fabricated story maliciously. 


#7 ofc Brooklyn Owens who was intentionally left out of the KPD arresting incident report #2301-0785

Was now personally appearing before Judge Toqeer making the false and contradictory to the arresting incident report statement:

#5. KPD arresting incident report #2301-0785 Ms. Brooklyn Owens narrates:

"#1 Due to Danielle refusing to answer any further questions:

Violating her 5th amendment

#2 Admitting to threatening Francis with her CEW:

Documented history of DV: Threat under Self Defense

#3 Video evidence of Danielle arcing her CEW to cause Francis to fear for his safety:

Ms. officer can not be seen in any frame.

I placed Danielle under arrest. 

The video: Mr. Francis sent to my mother, days after my arrest.

Summary: Of the events that led up to arrest.

Jan 2, 2023, I finally found the strength to speak up for myself with Georgia's Department of Family & Children's Services who refused to take a report for the mental & emotional abuse as I experienced from my the ex-partner / care giver because "I did not have an active open case/file with DFAC."


Tuesday 10th - Friday 13th, 2023, My abusive caregiver had repeatedly abused me by using my disability (Traumatic Brain Injury TBI) as a weapon against me. By stating he:

"could have me placed into a 72 hour psychiatric hold unless I agreed to his insatiable and ridiculous demands of attending anger management classes"

And taking subsequent actions on his threat. By repeatedly calling Kennesaw PD, Georgia and crisis intervention and making up false stories that I had been having a "schizophrenic and bipolar manic episode". 

Instead of a TBI which caused me to be in distress.

On Friday January 13, 2023 Michael called Crisis intervention who arrived to our then family home approximately at 1:30 in the afternoon

(noted on KPD incident report #2301-0739).

Jennifer spoke with me extensively, understood me and documented her visit and found the claims represented by my care taker to be false & unfounded.

Jennifer with crisis intervention had agreed I was a victim of domestic & medical abuse and had arranged for me to enter into a Domestic violence shelter with the help of Pam (Peer Coordinator) at Kennestone Hospital, Marietta. Shortly after our conversation I was escorted by a ambulance because EMS had found my pulse & heart rate to be in cardiac arrest.

At around 8:00 pm that evening the front desk staff at Kennestone Hospital informed me: 

"Pam the peer coordinator had left the hospital for the day, and that here was no one else available that would be able to expedite me into a domestic violence abuse shelter".

I left Kennestone Hospital, Marietta by uber paid for by myself at 8:19 pm and returned to my then abusive home.


Dr. Sophir Response 5.9_edited.jpg

Ms. Officer has a medically diagnosed: Traumatic Brain Injury and subsequent SSA Disability

Approximately 30 -40 mins after my arrival home. My ex-husband once again called the police (now being the 4th or 5th time in the last 3 days) Ofc Ms. Brooklyn Owens and her partner Mr. D. Hubbratt arrived to the family home at 10:25 pm.


Shortly after their arrival an additional 6 officers also came our home. 


At now 1:00 am on January 14, 2023 after I had just been through 2.5 hours of answering the questions of all the other police officers individually. And restating the exact timeline of events that I could recall, from that day and the 3 days prior.

I was mentally exhausted when speaking with .ofc Ms. Brooklyn Owens and ofc D. Hubbartt who were the only two police officers that refused to believe my explanation of events. Because it was only the two of them that interrogated me. In fact ofc Hubbartt (with his body cam light illuminated) insinuated that:


I was lying about my disability because at the time of him interrogating solely me "I was able to recall some facts of the events but not all".


 When I realized their questioning was actually an an interrogation I became frustrated. I believed Ofc Owens was an envious and jealous female officer Because she showed me no empathy or compassion. She failed to acknowledge my disability and my requests to stop the interrogation.


(as noted throughout the KPD arresting incident report)

By approximately 1:08 pm January 14. 2023. My uncontrolled emotions and lack of trust in these two individual officers got the best of me. I was mentally, emotionally and physically fatigued from the constant pressure to answer questions by multiple police officers

In my mental frustration and now brain fog. I embarrassingly recall yelling at ofc Ms. Brooklyn Owens while pointing my finger at her chest worn body cam stated:


"you don't know shit about me nor my brain Injury" and "you can go fuck off"

At which time ofc Ms. Brooklyn Owens in her feelings became what I believe to be triggered, enraged and insulted:

Ofc. Ms. Brooklyn Owens came stomping fast towards me with handcuff's stating "Your under arrested".

My actions were warranted because I have a medically diagnosed Brain Injury. The police were being ignorant to my disability and misunderstood my frustration nor did my caretaker explain to the police that I was actually displaying cognitive, emotional & physical fatigue from the REPEATED interrogation:


  1. Problems with processing and understanding information my ability to process and understand information slowed down.

  2. Taking longer to grasp what each individual I had to come in contact with throughout the week was saying to me.

  3. Taking more time to understand and follow directions.

  4. Trouble following conversations or understanding what others say. ƒ

  5. Rambling or getting off topic easily. ƒ

  6. Difficulty with my more complex language skills, such as expressing my thoughts in an organized manner. ƒ

  7. Trouble communicating my thoughts and feelings with facial expressions, tone of voice and my body language (non-verbal communication). ƒ

  8. Having problems reading the authorities’ emotions and not responding appropriately to Ofc Ms. Brookyln Owens triggered emotions or to the situation. ƒ Misunderstanding jokes or sarcasm made by Ofc Hubbarrt pertaining to my brain injury. To with both officers created a fraudulent story to depict me as an alcoholic, angry negligent black mother!

Support My Actions:

 Go Fund Me.

Cash App: $Only1redmsoffic3r

WhatsApp: Ms. Danielle Officer

Follow along while I expose the lies in: 
KPD arresting incident report #2301-0785

The circumstances surrounding my arrest include Kennesaw Police Department officer(s) Ms. Brooklyn Owens Badge no. KE1551 personally appeared before Magistrate Judge Toqeer Chouhan on 1/14/23 at 4:04 25 AM and maliciously lied to obtain an arrest warrant her under oath statement is as such:


To wit: During a verbal altercation with Michael Francis, said accus3d threatened to use her conductive electronic weapon against Francis if he walked downstairs to the main floor of the residence. 


  1. Ofc Ms. Brooklyn Owens is not listed as a responding officer to the scene

  2. Directly contradicts the written narrative made by the actual arresting officer B. Smith on the arresting police incident report # 2301-0785


Arresting OFC B. Smith watched several videos from Mr. Francis' cellphone to wit ofc B. Smith narrates:


Page 5 of 8

Fourth paragraph from the top


"I observed a video of Danielle standing at the bottom of the staircase on the main level of the residence, yelling at Francis, then walking away from him. I asked Francis why he did not return to his bedroom once Danielle walked away. Francis stated Danielle retrieved her CEW (conductive electronic weapon) and started to arc it. I observed a video of Danielle arching her taser several times, evident by the flashing light from the electricity, while walking into the living room area, then turning on the light on the main level of the residence. 

Francis was upstairs on the third level during this incident and nowhere near Danielle.




Officer B. Smith further narrates on arresting police incident report # 2301-0785 that his reason for arresting me is:


1. Danielle refused to answer any further questions:

 A violation of my 5th amendment: The right to remain silent


2.Admitting to threatening to utilize my (non-lethal personal protection device) conducted electrical weapon (CEW) against my well documented mentally and emotionally abusive narcissistic intimate partner Mr. Francis if I am feel in fear:


Self Defense: O.C.G.A. §§ 16-3-21 (a) and16-11-138 in combination effectively provide this rule of law: A person is justified in threatening or using force against another, or in possessing a weapon in circumstances otherwise prohibited under the Code, when and to the extent that he or she reasonably believes that such threat or force or conduct otherwise prohibited is necessary to defend himself or herself or a third person against such other's imminent use of unlawful force.


3. Video evidence produced by Mr. Francis produced depicting Danielle arcing her CEW to cause Francis to fear for his safety.


ofc B. Smith already stated on Page 5 of 8 Fourth paragraph from the top. Last sentence:

Francis was upstairs on the third level during this incident and nowhere near Danielle.


 Ms. Officer was told she was being arrested:

  1. placed in handcuffs. 

  2. Was advised charges are terroristic threats: O.C.G.A. 16-11-37 (2010) 16-11-37

  3. (a) A person commits the offense of a terroristic threat when he or she threatens to commit any crime of violence, to release any hazardous substance, as such term is defined in Code Section 12-8-92, or to burn or damage property with the purpose of terrorizing another or of causing the evacuation of a building, place of assembly, or facility of public transportation or otherwise causing serious public inconvenience or in reckless disregard of the risk of causing such terror or inconvenience.


Arresting incident report 2301-0785 Page 5 of 8 paragraph 2. Sentence 2:

Francis himself stated that he went downstairs first because Danielle was opening and closing the door, causing the alarm to sound.


At wit Danielle threatened Mr Francis in self defense as he was the aggressor in the home she partially owned, not a publicly controlled area.


Ms. Officer bailed out of jail 1/16/23 by her 22 year old daughter and mother. And was advised she could not return to her home as a "no contact order” was placed by the state of Georgia on behalf of Mr. Francis.


Since the January 13, 2023 arrest I have not been permitted to return to the home to pick up my medication, clothing and other personal belongings to which made Danielle homeless in a state where she had no friends or family support.


There is a substantial amount of police misconduct, violation of civil rights and contradicting and conflicting information throughout KPD’s incident report.


The “No Contact Order” placed by the state of Georgia on behalf of solely Mr. Francis. Prevents me from maintaining my maternal parental rights as I am no longer allowed to access a home that I partially own. Leaving Ms. Officer to be homeless. 


DFCS (Department of Family & Children’s Services) - Was contacted by Ms. Officer on 1/2/23 and was denied the opportunity to report the abusive actions with the agency as she did not have an active open DCFS case.


On 1/25/23 After Ms. Officer yelled at the DCFS agent for ignoring her initial pleas. DFCS Attempted to cover their blatant disregard of my domestic violence help/support 

by emailing all three children’s schools and advising the faculty I can have supervised visits to my children. Although, no court has legally removed her rights..


I have a Public Defender: Sam Laguda who I believe is overwhelmed with cases and does not purposefully designate time to have these charges dismissed immediately so that I can have access back to my children) He insists on waiting to see the discovery from the prosecution.


When I push back my public defender legal liaison email:


The case has not been accused yet, until that is done, then we can request for discovery.  About the visitation, I did tell you that it is a civil matter and there is not a no contact order between you and your children.  The order is between you and their father. Because they live with him, you can not go to the house and visit with the children there.  But like you did when you came down for court, you were able to visit with them in school you told me. That was possible because there is no stay away order from your children.  Again, your issue of visitation with your children and contact should be addressed before a civil court and it is not part of our case.  


Which for me is ridiculous. The reason I can not have contact with my children and access to a home that I partially own is because of the No Contact order the State of Georgia placed on behalf my ex-husband Mr. Francis.


Remember, I am only representing you in the pending criminal charges against you.  Since you rejected the pre trial intervention offer from the State, we will have to wait for the accusation. 


I rejected the pre-trial intervention as I would have to agree that I was the aggressor and abusive party and would need to seek several unwarranted, unnecessary therapies. 


The state of Georgia is now requiring me to open a child custody case in order to have access to my children when their “No Contact Order” for Mr. Francis is preventing my access. 


What would be the reason this case: passed so many legal eye balls and as of March 2023 it has not YET

been dismissed for substantial police misconduct. 

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