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Jan 20, 2023 I leave GA via Amtrak for NYC.

I had to leave Georgia.
The Cobb County jail required me to leave from the "victim"

In order for me to be released.
I had to sign a "No Contact" order which restricted me from having any contact with Michael and by default. My children.

Michael was the default parent.
Due to his request for a "No Contact" order to be placed upon me.
The night I was arrested. 

I had my attorney amend: to "No violent contact".
No arguing.

While in NYC and receiving several distressing
video calls of my kids. 

Press Play

I cancel my trip to California (scheduled for the very next day)
and catch the very next flight available from NYC to ATL.


Exhibit 19

Exhibit 20

Exhibit 21.

Within an hour into my arrival. 


All my belongings.

Exhibit 22.

Sound Here

Exhibit 23.

Here 4

My arrival @ the home.

We go.
March 15, 2023


Here 4

Attempting to discuss the co-parenting agreement. I personally drafted and had legally cleared for usage.

March 15, 2023
Michael calls
GA DFCS Social Worker
Ms. Tammie Fields
in for back up

This is an attempt to threaten me with power into submission.


Here 4

Wed. March 15, 2023
Enter Georgia DFAC Lies

I Encourage you to listen to the entire 36 mins.

Exhibit 27.

I can not figure out time stamp yet:

4:44 - Now claims I had a physical altercation with a police officer?!?! 

5:37-7:22 What is inadequate supervision?

16:25 Tammie wants to leave without addressing my concerns.

22:53 Tammie uninterested in learning about the domestic abuse. its too timely

31:00 Told I would be told "fleeing" if I leave GA with my children.

35:27 I did not and will not sign ANY DFAC paperwork

Tammie Fields Home Visit

GA DFAC Tammie Fields: Runs out

Ms. Tammie Fields: " My case worker (Was NOT assigned to help me)"

She did not come to "Assist me"

Exhibit 28.

Wed: March 15. 2023
Tammie Fields: Ignoring my Text

Ms. Tammie Fields: " My case worker (Who was NOT assigned to help me)"

I text my "case worker" after she left because Michael started up again on his harassment. And attempting to tell me more lies of manipulation.

Exhibit 29.

Exhibit 30.

DFAC Case Worker: Tammie Fields, ignoring my all my messages

March 17, 2023
Tammie Fields: Misrepresenting our 3.15.23 encounter to her collegues & myself.

Ms. Tammie Fields: " My case worker (Was NOT assigned to help me)"

CPS Case worker-Lying .jpg

Exhibit 31.

March 23, 2023
Ms. Officer: Responds.

Ms. Tammie Fields: " My case worker (Was NOT assigned to help me)"

My Response 1.jpg

Exhibit 32.

Ms. Officer: I have a lot to say.

Ms. Tammie Fields: " My case worker (Was NOT assigned to help me)"

My Response 2.jpg

Ms. Officer: Emotional reaction over. 

Ms. Tammie Fields: " My case worker (Was not assigned to help me)"

My Response 3.jpg

January 25, 32023
Officer Brooklyn Owens: strikes again.

The day before my 12 year old's birthday.

A trip me and the boys had planned for Legoland, FL

and had to cancel due to this incident.


Officer: Ms. Brooklyn Owens Badge no. KE1551

Made a phone call around January 25th to Ms. Rodnecesha Mims Georgia DCFS Investigator and lied to her by stating: The reason I was arrested was "because of an alleged (physical) "altercation" that I had with her". 

As told to me by DCFS case worker Tammie Fields on the video above.

This snowball of events shows that Ofc Ms. Brooklyn Owens is a skilled elaborate habitual liar. She is a public nuisance and a threat to society and deserves to be put behind the bars at Cobb County Adult Detention Center!

Moral & Judicial Fact:
One person can not speak on behalf of someone else
Using false narratives = identity theft. 

Now all 3 of my children's schools are involved. 

Ms. Tammie Fields: " My case worker (Was NOT assigned to help me)"

My Response 1.jpg

Exhibit 33.

This is BULLSHIT and I found Freedom.

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