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Criminal Inadvertent Malfeasance

Kennesaw Police Department | Misconduct

ofc Ms. Brooklyn Owens, ofc B. Smith & Ofc Hubbartt

Pathetic and lying GA DFAC: Tammie Fields: "Case Worker"

CPS Case worker-Lying .jpg

My unapologetic response 1:

My Response 1.jpg

My unapologetic response 2:

My Response 2.jpg

My unapologetic response 2:

My Response 3.jpg

DFAC Case Worker: Tammie Fields, ignoring my text messages

DFCS (Department of Family & Children’s Services) - Was contacted by Ms. Officer on 1/2/23 and was denied the opportunity to report the abusive actions with the agency as she did not have an active open DCFS case.

This police officer: Ms. Brooklyn Owens Badge no. KE1551

Made a phone call around January 25th to Ms. Rodnecesha Mims Georgia DCFS Investigator and lied to her by stating: The reason I was arrested was "because of an alleged (physical) "altercation" that I had with her". 

As told to me by DCFS case worker Tammie Fields and digitally recorded by my in-home recording device. Wednesday March 16, 2023 at approximately 6:00 pm

Which caused DCFS to open a fraudulent case against me 

Which contradicts the written narrative ofc Ms. Owens wrote on arresting incident report# 2301-0785. 

Which also contradicts the personal statement she swore to made in front of Judge Toqeer in order to obtain arrest warrant no: 23-W-386

This snowball of events shows that Ofc Ms. Brooklyn Owens is a skilled elaborate habitual liar, if she is not stopped she has the ability to ruin your life & traumatize your children! She is a public nuisance and a threat to society and deserves to be put behind bars at the Cobb County Adult Detention Center!


On 1/25/23 After Ms. Officer yelled at the DCFS agent for ignoring her initial pleas. DFCS Attempted to cover their blatant disregard of my domestic violence help/support 

by emailing all three children’s schools and advising the faculty I can have supervised visits to my children. Although, no court has legally removed her rights..

My response to DCFS Gaslighting to my childrens schools. NO COURT removed my parental rights, Rondesha Mims had no right to send this email to my childrens school in an effort to COVER UP their negligence 

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