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Criminal Inadvertent Malfeasance

Kennesaw Police Department | Misconduct

ofc Ms. Brooklyn Owens 

ofc B. Smith 

Me and my children are in need of community support,

Will you help us?

Please donate whatever you can to my Go Fund Me.

Cash App: $Only1redmsoffic3r

WhatsApp: Ms. Danielle Officer

Me and my children are in need of community support,

Will you help us?

Donate whatever you can to my Go Fund Me.

Cash App: $Only1redmsoffic3r

WhatsApp: Ms. Danielle Officer

I am Ms. Danielle Officer a black woman, survivor of Intimate partner narcissistic mental emotional abuse, mother of 5 and disabled with a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury 2017) who is currently the victim of police misconduct and a fraudulent arrest by Kennesaw

Police Department with illegal detainment by Cobb County sheriff's department in Georgia.


January 13, 2023, I was illegally detained by a KPD officer under what most would consider an actual arrest after reporting the emotional abuse.


The circumstances surrounding my arrest include Kennesaw Police Department officer(s) Ms. Brooklyn Owens Badge no. KE1551 personally appeared before Magistrate Judge Toqeer Chouhan on 1/14/23 at 4:04 25 AM and maliciously lied to obtain an arrest warrant her under oath statement is as such:


To wit: During a verbal altercation with Michael Francis, said accus3d threatened to use her conductive electronic weapon against Francis if he walked downstairs to the main floor of the residence. 


  1. Ofc Ms. Brooklyn Owens is not listed as a responding officer to the scene

  2. Directly contradicts the written narrative made by the actual arresting officer B. Smith on the arresting police incident report # 2301-0785


Arresting OFC B. Smith watched several videos from Mr. Francis' cellphone to wit ofc B. Smith narrates:


Page 5 of 8

Fourth paragraph from the top


"I observed a video of Danielle standing at the bottom of the staircase on the main level of the residence, yelling at Francis, then walking away from him. I asked Francis why he did not return to his bedroom once Danielle walked away. Francis stated Danielle retrieved her CEW (conductive electronic weapon) and started to arc it. I observed a video of Danielle arching her taser several times, evident by the flashing light from the electricity, while walking into the living room area, then turning on the light on the main level of the residence. 

Francis was upstairs on the third level during this incident and nowhere near Danielle.




Officer B. Smith further narrates on arresting police incident report # 2301-0785 that his reason for arresting me is:


1. Danielle refused to answer any further questions:

 A violation of my 5th amendment: The right to remain silent


2.Admitting to threatening to utilize my (non-lethal personal protection device) conducted electrical weapon (CEW) against my well documented mentally and emotionally abusive narcissistic intimate partner Mr. Francis if I am feel in fear:


Self Defense: O.C.G.A. §§ 16-3-21 (a) and16-11-138 in combination effectively provide this rule of law: A person is justified in threatening or using force against another, or in possessing a weapon in circumstances otherwise prohibited under the Code, when and to the extent that he or she reasonably believes that such threat or force or conduct otherwise prohibited is necessary to defend himself or herself or a third person against such other's imminent use of unlawful force.


3. Video evidence produced by Mr. Francis produced depicting Danielle arcing her CEW to cause Francis to fear for his safety.


ofc B. Smith already stated on Page 5 of 8 Fourth paragraph from the top. Last sentence:

Francis was upstairs on the third level during this incident and nowhere near Danielle.


 Ms. Officer was told she was being arrested:

  1. placed in handcuffs. 

  2. Was advised charges are terroristic threats: O.C.G.A. 16-11-37 (2010) 16-11-37

  3. (a) A person commits the offense of a terroristic threat when he or she threatens to commit any crime of violence, to release any hazardous substance, as such term is defined in Code Section 12-8-92, or to burn or damage property with the purpose of terrorizing another or of causing the evacuation of a building, place of assembly, or facility of public transportation or otherwise causing serious public inconvenience or in reckless disregard of the risk of causing such terror or inconvenience.


Arresting incident report 2301-0785 Page 5 of 8 paragraph 2. Sentence 2:

Francis himself stated that he went downstairs first because Danielle was opening and closing the door, causing the alarm to sound.


At wit Danielle threatened Mr Francis in self defense as he was the aggressor in the home she partially owned, not a publicly controlled area.


Ms. Officer bailed out of jail 1/16/23 by her 22 year old daughter and mother. And was advised she could not return to her home as a "no contact order” was placed by the state of Georgia on behalf of Mr. Francis.


Since the January 13, 2023 arrest I have not been permitted to return to the home to pick up my medication, clothing and other personal belongings to which made Danielle homeless in a state where she had no friends or family support.


There is a substantial amount of police misconduct, violation of civil rights and contradicting and conflicting information throughout KPD’s incident report.


The “No Contact Order” placed by the state of Georgia on behalf of solely Mr. Francis. Prevents me from maintaining my maternal parental rights as I am no longer allowed to access a home that I partially own. Leaving Ms. Officer to be homeless. 


DFCS (Department of Family & Children’s Services) - Was contacted by Ms. Officer on 1/2/23 and was denied the opportunity to report the abusive actions with the agency as she did not have an active open DCFS case.


On 1/25/23 After Ms. Officer yelled at the DCFS agent for ignoring her initial pleas. DFCS Attempted to cover their blatant disregard of my domestic violence help/support 

by emailing all three children’s schools and advising the faculty I can have supervised visits to my children. Although, no court has legally removed her rights..


I have a Public Defender: Sam Laguda who I believe is overwhelmed with cases and does not purposefully designate time to have these charges dismissed immediately so that I can have access back to my children) He insists on waiting to see the discovery from the prosecution.


When I push back my public defender legal liaison email:


The case has not been accused yet, until that is done, then we can request for discovery.  About the visitation, I did tell you that it is a civil matter and there is not a no contact order between you and your children.  The order is between you and their father. Because they live with him, you can not go to the house and visit with the children there.  But like you did when you came down for court, you were able to visit with them in school you told me. That was possible because there is no stay away order from your children.  Again, your issue of visitation with your children and contact should be addressed before a civil court and it is not part of our case.  


Which for me is ridiculous. The reason I can not have contact with my children and access to a home that I partially own is because of the No Contact order the State of Georgia placed on behalf my ex-husband Mr. Francis.


Remember, I am only representing you in the pending criminal charges against you.  Since you rejected the pre trial intervention offer from the State, we will have to wait for the accusation. 


I rejected the pre-trial intervention as I would have to agree that I was the aggressor and abusive party and would need to seek several unwarranted, unnecessary therapies. 


The state of Georgia is now requiring me to open a child custody case in order to have access to my children when their “No Contact Order” for Mr. Francis is preventing my access. 


If this case was to be dismissed under substantial police misconduct. I would not need to file for custody in civil court as me an Mr. Francis can be amicable with the shared rights of our children without the need for the horrendous GA court systems assistance. I believe the court system is intended to railroad me on frivolous charges and then have me and my ex-husband fighting unnecessarily in court.


In addition to these horrific circumstances, I have a multitude of medical needs which social security disability will not cover:


1. Active Scoliosis Degeneration:

 Solution: Scoliosis Reduction Center: Cost $25k (Medicare will on cover surgery)


2. Full Dentures

Solution: Aspen Dental: Cost $25,000

My health had severely declined over the past 3 years due to the insurmountable amount of stress, emotional bullying and stress from My Ex-husband and his mother's repeated false calls to DFCS in an attempt to paint me as a person who has schizophrenia & bipolar so that they can take control of my finances while they attempt to have me hospitalized for mental health concerns. 



3. A home for myself and my children. Condo in Los Angeles Est. $800,000

 (My narcissistic ex-husband and I were not legally married; I naively deeded the family home 100% in his name with 100% of my traceable financial contribution: All of my Social Security Disability back payments. That I secured without after years of fighting and NO assistance from Mr. Francis or his mother.

4. A 2023 Tesla Model X: Cost $160,000

Since my TBI I struggle with driving. This vehicle has autopilot, allowing me to maintain my independence while I am a disabled  woman. Plus, I have never experienced a man open and close the car door for me, now I’d love to have a car that will.

5. My Kids LEGOLAND, FL Cost $7,000

In December 2022 I promised my sons I would take them back to LEGOLAND in January 2023 for Amari's 12 birthday. With this illegal arrest and ridiculous no-contact order. I need to make it up to my children for not keeping my promise. 


6. Future personal income Investment $500,000

An investment into my business Clean Baby Gear Inc = A baby gear services corporation: Baby gear cleaning, repair, parts, recycling, consultation & education of parents who are new to needing to use baby gear.


7. A peloton bike Cost $2,500

I have cold turkey stopped all toxic habits such as smoking medical marijuana and drinking wine when I am sad and lonely from human intimacy. I have found a new love in running on the treadmill, shooting hoops and working out which allows me to move past the toxic urges in a healthy manner.

8. Samsung Fold Z phone: $1,800

9. Paying off existing credit card debt: $10,000


9. Finally: A legal team Est. Dedicated: $1,000,000

To assist me Suing the following agencies that have failed me and my children:

- Kennesaw Police Department

- Cobb County Sheriff's department

- Department of Family and Children's Services (Georgia)

- Adult protective agency (Georgia)

- LiveSafe Resources

- Crisis Intervention

- Cobb County School District

The authorities mentioned above have not granted me access back into the home since my illegal arrest on January 13, 2023, to retrieve my medication which is vital to my health and my personal belongings. The emotional damages and trauma my family has had to experience because of each of these entities negligence.


I was exiled from Georgia. And forced to become homeless by the legal system. That made my abuser the victim.

I believed the court system was designed to help us citizens. And forced into a position to defend my maternal parental rights which have never been taken away by a court system.


Currently, I am living in a tiny room in my parent's home in another state, with barely enough funds to take care of myself and my children's basic needs.


I am asking for your help. This is an uphill mountain which I can no longer battle on my own. My purpose is in life is bigger than my current circumstances. Once I have the opportunity to stabilize a foundation for myself and children. My excess funds will go towards the tangible greater good. Helping individuals I believe who have also been illegally arrested in this backwards asf state of Georgia.


This county is currently detaining human beings that are simply homeless and have no other choice but to trespass on abandoned property. Just to secure a warm unsafe shelter. The state of Georgia can not figure out how to provide tangible services with its existing resources. But I do.


Others individuals are currently being housed in jail while detoxing from fentanyl & opioids addictions by way of prison supplied Gatorade instead of the effective medically supplied Narcan Nasal Spray (Naloxone Hydrochloride 4MG) which has proven extremely effective results in Pennsylvania and New York. A drug used to reverse opioid overdoses and to help those addicted to fentanyl and other addicting drug substances come down off their addiction.


In addition: The state of Georgia has convoluted laws that today 2023. Violate human beings' civil rights by disregarding the need to read them their Miranda rights, illegally detaining individuals under the disguise of an actual arrest as in my case.


To make matters worse, this state has laws from 1877 that still utilize the words "Special Master" and "pray to a judge to grant you an order of protection."


Religion should not be included in our legal system as it causes confusion.


I intend to single-handedly change the world with my intelligence, insane ability to understand legal-eze and determination to stop the fuckery that is happening every day in the state of Georgia with your supporting donation.

I truly appreciate you taking the time to read this lengthy message and hope that you will be able to help me and my children. Along with thousands of other human beings that just need one human being to give a damn beyond themselves.


I have already received confirmation of support from the below mentioned celebrities to utilize their vast platforms to reach out to those affected by this state's common illegal actions, once I secure a foundation for myself and my children.


Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson

"T-Pain" Faheem Najm

"Star: Troy Torain




Ms. Danielle Officer

Me and my children are in need of community support,

Will you help us?

Donate whatever you can to my Go Fund Me.

Cash App: $Only1redmsoffic3r

WhatsApp: Ms. Danielle Officer

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