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We left off with Ofc. Ms. Brooklyn Owens
placing me under arrest.
However on the 

Police Incident Report.


1.  According to the cameras the first officer on location was

Officer Ms. Brooklyn Owens & Sgt. Nicholas Bobo.

2. The Incident report has responsible officer as B. Smith

3. The Incident report has been narrated in first person perspective. ONLY.

4. Several officers were captured on camera.

  • But we only have one officer's interview summary?

  • From beginning to the arrest 2 hours later?

  • while toddlers ran around?

  • paying attention to both of our recall of the incident?

4. Sgt. Bobo is mentioned on arrival because he arrived with Ofc. Brooklyn Owens.

Arrival sc 2.jpg

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Same Fuzzy

Further what reason would I have?
To misgender the person I am standing in front of.
Who identifies as her assigned gender?

Okay, let's go with the prosecutors theory:
Ofc. B. Smith arrested me.
Ofc. Ms. Brooklyn Owens

What does B. Smith stand for?

This is the prosecutors witness list.

i officer.jpg

Against the incident report.

I, officer Smith = Bradley Scott Smith

This is a police officer.
"Misrepresentation & evidence tampering".

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