50 Cent, G-Money, My Baby Fava, The Francis & Jackson Family cannot understand my passion behind my life’s purpose nor my perspective.

Because they as a whole & collectively neglect the bigger picture.


Which are my KIDS (and ALL kids in this environment). 2 years ago, I was forced into starting this journey as all I was 1,000% focused on solving the horrific emotional problems my kids displayed to me during homeschooling of the lockdown COVID days. 


I say forced to, as my spirit angels came to be as I was very much pregnant crying on my bathroom toilet. That tiny little bathroom of that maybe 1,000 sq ft shouldn’t really be a 3-bedroom apartment that NONE OF THE ENTIRE FAMILY VISITIED BEFORE COVID in fucking Far Rockaway, Queens NY. Completely stressed out! From the disarray of my life and my kids, multiple EMOTIONAL issues impacting their ability to learn.


I couldn't understand what was happening to them. At first, I felt like I couldn’t communicate with them. Nor could I properly explain to our special education team the major non educational issues they were experiencing.  So, I went on a spiritual journey guided by Mrs. Beulah Jackson & my deceased aunt & grandfather.


Although my mind and spirit are healed and on fire: This human vessel is extremely weak from taking on too much of everyone else's emotions so I’m going to need fucking recovery. I believe in the value of hard work that will last for GENERATIONS. An untraumatized innovative Legacy.


All proceed will go to us leaving, my purpose and my:

  • Scoliosis Reduction Center $25k 10-day intensive treatment, with custom neck and back brace that I will wear on and off for a year includes travel and stay with the hope of significantly reducing my curve which will stop my degeneration and get me the fuck out of pain.

  • Full set of basic implant dentures. $25K 

  • IV Hydration Treatment cost me $260 a session with tip. I go 1-2 x per week

  • Stretch Zone Therapeutic stretch with tip

  • medical massage $300 per session with tip 

  • Medical coordinator. I have over 10 different doctors and therapies that need to be updated on my constantly changing health.

  • Good health coverage, mine does not cover simple birth control. 

Then for my kids:

  • The best legal team for my daughter's sexual abuse case 

  • An attorney who is happy to sue Curtis "50 Cent" J. Jackson III, Geraldine K Francis & Michael T. Francis. For slander, defamation & blackballing. They have collectively failed to respond to my cease and deist warning letter. I am now ready to proceed to collect my monetary damages. AND ILLEGALLY FILING A CPS CASE AGAINST ME.

  • Pay off her car 

  • Pay off her tuition

  • Set her up in her own condo or co-op.

  • Dental extraction $2800 with pediatric sedation

  • Personal/Home/house assistant

  • Take my kids on a trip to Lego World

  • Independent school: My kids don’t fit in a box. Like myself.

  • Send my son the NASA space program

  • Assist my other son with launching his first Roblox game

  • A complete ancestorial discovery

  • (2) 2023 Tesla Model X’s (1) White / Red interior, (1) Red/White Interior 

  • A trust fund designated for each child in this ENTIRE "family" to use for their own creative innovative ideas ONLY because they have all been a victim of the #silentabuse.

  • An olive branch to start again to the 19 individuals I exiled myself from, that have either supported or offered me room to grow.  This time building a solid truthful unconditional loving family foundation. As we all deserve the gift of a fresh start.

Geraldine Francis,

Michael T Francis &

Curtis 50 Cent Jackson.

Our business is personal you will have to

speak to me face to face if we are to ever proceed.

Followed by an authentic apology for acting in your emotions.

And hurting mine and my kids' feelings!

 As for The Molester: enjoy your freedom for now as your ass won't have it for long. Child Molesting + Prison + Karma is a bad combination!


All actors: that have lied, stalked, hurt & betrayed my unconditional love & feelings:

You can't do what I do. How I do it. Because I lead with integrity, dignity and value the relationship with

ALL of my kids above MONEY!

If you don't resonate with this, I suggest you stay in silence and meditate. 

And then try again. Before you repeat the lesson in life with that selfish ass ego of yours!