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Since May 2022, exactly 8 months ago....

My life has become a series of traumatic events. I believe in my soul. No human being is deserving of having to constantly defend their core character to strangers who know nothing about them.

The treatment I have had to endure from various individuals, and government run/sponsored agencies. Has actually broken my spirit. 


I have been honest and clear when I asked for help. I am truly disappointed to find:

No one gives a god damn! UNLESS your routinely getting your ass beat. (and reporting it) Or consecutively sexually assaulted (and reporting it)

Then you don't QUALIFY for fucking help! (Immediate or in the future) If you don't Fit between a specific box. You don't qualify.

Which clearly if you look at the assets and furnishing, I paid for with MY disability back pay. AND HAVE NO OWNERSHIP of.


People have a whole fucking speculation and expectations of what I should have.

What I should be

Even what kind of help THEY THINK I'm deserving of.




My injuries are invisible.

My scars are invisible.

My PAIN is invisible. 

I am invisible to those with a title linked to the word "family".

Overqualified for government help.

Celebrities can't be seen helping a beautiful intelligent woman without:

Actually, I have no CLUE about this one? 

I am not delusional, yall asses are.

Those that believe: A human being has to qualify, fit into your controlling box. In order to be helped.

I believe the laws and entities are put in place to bring out the worst in human beings. They make you tolerate the abuse until one of you snaps and harms the other.


Then they can haul one of your asses to the grave and use the other for sweat labor. grants, whatever the fuck else.


After my experience: I truly believe a woman has to manipulate this system with fabrication and lies in order to get actual help. Lies that would ultimately land another black man in jail. Instead of forcing his dysfunctional ass into mental health treatment. Like the police officer offered me last night as a safe place for ME to sleep for the night.


Instead of escorting the actual mentally ill patient off for a intervention.

This is a societal problem without a proper solution.

Our current solution for the VICTIM of a narcissist is: Sue they asses like Johnny Deep and Amber Turd (respectfully)

As when you tell the truth like I have: Your invisible. Ignored. Silenced.


A Child Protective services agency representative kindly informed me: If the police are called one more time. Regardless of if he decides to have a tantrum if he does so because he's upset. My Kids can be taken away from BOTH of us. 

Which has rendered me (their responsible mother) powerless to his abuse

At the threat of CPS taking my kids away from BOTH of us

If I'm "locked" in the basement now, I fear calling for help. 

At least in this space, I can hear my kids. I can hear their voices and little feet. 

How the fuck is this even happening??! At this point, the best thing I can do is remain quiet. 

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