If you attempt to contact, mention, visit speak about me or any of my motherfucking children.


The legal cloud I put you under will be so thick. That you won't be able to connect with your own kids.

You're like a lost ship looking for his lighthouse. Your career needs end for how you choose to speak to a woman you barely know.


You need to do nothing short of inviting me on your platform. To apologize for attempting to silence my daughters #silentabuse and your written disgusting communication skills with me. Respectfully.


Unless You'd like your legacy to be known as the shitty enabler. Ms. Officer

For Your Information 



Learn to pronounce



  1. the action or crime of making a false spoken statement damaging to a person's reputation.

This is NOT slander as these are TRUE written communications made by you to me. Therefore, I have the right to say my opinion of your actions that hurt my feelings! Adults like kids: have feelings as well and your disrespectful asf.

Doggie Diamonds Email.jpg

November 12, 2022 @ 11:11 am Doggie Diamonds: I'm not stalking you. I told you: to respond to my email would be very silly. Now you're the IRL (In Real Life) example:

Lesson: Don't do things in the dark. As I will shine the light.


Sir this is:



Learn to pronounce


  1. 1. LAW

    a published false statement that is damaging to a person's reputation, a written defamation. 

For me:

1. If you are aware of my situation and still, make your statement makes you a fuck boy!

2. If you were unaware of my situation this makes you ignorant and still libel.


As the information regarding my life's story was publicly available for you to come to a clear perspective. You chose to be made an example of:





My opinion of you comes from our written encounters: (He's more of a Puppy Moissanite an immature fake ass diamond) rather than a Doggie Diamonds as he's disgusting with his words because he has limited vocabulary and he's unable to identify his true feelings (frustration/anger).

I. She. A woman. Dismissed. Him. A man.

Especially, after I initially showed interest of working with him.


Ladies & gentleman: Pup Moissanite has not been told NO too often. 


For me: he's not used to NOT getting his way. 

I think he's also very impulsive. Would he have spoken to 25 or 50 Cent that way? If they said the same thing?

I also imagine he knows these parties personally to a degree, as he referred to my children's father as 25 which is a name he has not gone by in years. But a specific few within the circle. still do use it. 

I Respectfully dismissed him, as soon as I realized. He would not support #silentabuse. As he was verbally abusive to me in this email chain. PRIOR to the final one he sent me. 

For me I think: This is how he conducts business. How in the world would he be in person? Would he ask questions on an interview that will help his audience grow or break free of their generational curse? 

My answer:

That's a hell muthafucking NO! He's a glittery ball of distraction of useless banter. I am a mom of many traumatized children and an adult daughter = my entire family. On a mission to stop the #silentabuse that not only happens in black families, but also society and the entertainment industry as seen by the biggest case: Pirate man vs. Cray Cray Narcissist. We see Ray J & Kanye as losing it: I see them crying to release the demons their holding of others.


We treat each other like shit when there is a real crisis. We then disgustingly use drama to create attention for ourselves instead of others the victims of #silentabuse and the bigger picture. Because many live in a delusional world where people identify only as the professional identity, they created of us to see. Which shows your mask. 

His email is the true darkness that lies within. 

I own the power of my voice, and chose to use it to shed light on others. Your not perfect. so stop pretending. We all have a dark side. I took your response to my email as you needing to learn a life lesson the hard way:

Legally, expose a disrespectful Doggie 

Text from my mom: 11/22/22 @ 7:34 am
Negative people sometimes enjoy backing others into an imaginary corner, the truth is: Life is full of alternatives and choices. Simply choose to live your best life, every day, no matter what the options before you maybe.