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State of Georgia SUBSTANTIAL
Evidence of misconduct

The state of Georgia legal procedures forces individuals to become homeless.

The ignorant to a brain injury authorities in this state without investigating the facts made my abuser the victim

While going through the intake process in Cobb County Adult Detention Center. I asked to provide an address that was not the address where I live. The intake officer stated "That's the victims address. " When I explained I purchased that home and resided in the residence for the last year. 

The intake officer responded with a threat: If you do not provide an alternative address that is not the victims you will not be allowed to use the phone to call for help to be bailed out. 

I was forced into providing an out of state address, essentially the Georgia court system has no record of me ever residing in Georgia. Which is the same address on my Driver's and Carry License.

Arresting Homelessness in Cobb County

Cobb County Adult Detention Center is currently housing human beings that have become homeless by their circumstances and the states lack or willingness to provide the homeless with Tangible resources. 


Leaving those that have become homeless no other choice but to trespass onto abandoned property. Just to have barley warm unsafe shelter. 

Arresting those that need drug overuse treatment.

Individuals are currently being housed in jail while detoxing from fentanyl & opioids addictions. The way they choose to help these individuals detox is to provide them with an Intravenous (IV) fluids and prison supplied Gatorade instead of investing in the effective Narcan Nasal Spray (Naloxone Hydrochloride 4MG) which has proven to be extremely effective in the states of Pennsylvania and New York. This is a lifesaving treatment is used to reverse opioid overdoses and to help those addicted to fentanyl and other addicting drug substances come down off and eliminate their addiction.

Unethical Judicial Misconduct by Senior Judge James Bodiford:

Judge James Bodiford: Ignorant to the facts of my brain injury mentioned several times in the Kennesaw Police Incident report(S). Judge Bodiford while standing up and towering over the bench. Judge Bodiford threatened to have the sheriff arrest me; Because I made a confused face expression as I could not understand why he was yelling at me for requesting an order that would allow me to come interact with my children. My bail condition excluded me from coming in contact with my abuser who is in the home with our children. My mother and I were embarrassed traumatized in front of the filled court room. By Judge Bodiford ignorance to my brain injury and unethical use of his judicial power over me. A Citizen he was hired to protect with the law. The DOJ will retrieve his court room recordings on January 19, 2023, to witness his threat, outburst and spectacle while. Acting in the color of the law.

Unethical Judicial Misconduct by Judge Janne Y McKamey:

On Feb 10, 2023 while appearing before magistrate judge McKamey, I stated to her repeatedly to explain the process by which one would obtain a warrant on an individual and the next steps. Judge Mc Kamey Ignorant to the facts mentioned several times throughout Kennesaw Police Department incident reports which she had an opportunity to review before calling me up. Rolled her eyes at me and then began to embarrass herself by speaking loudly to me. I explained to her that I am not Deaf nor hard of hearing. "I have a brain injury and I need you to slow down so that I can write down the details. I am trying to understand the process. Judge Janne started a stare down contest with me. At wit I rescinded my paperwork for help with the intentions of filing another dated with a more compassionate judge.4

Unethical Judicial Misconduct by Judge Toqeer Chouhan

Negligently and ignorant to the facts in the Kennesaw Police Incidents reports FAILED to hold Ofc Ms. Brooklyn Ownes responsible for lying under oath and contradicting the alleged statements made by the alleged arresting officer B. Smith. Judge Toqeer took the irresponsible Ms. Brooklyn Ownes statement as fact. Which means he FAILED review, investigate or question the inconsistences within the arresting report.

Currently following outdated laws 

The state of Georgia has convoluted laws that today 2023. That disregard a police officer needing to read a citizen their Miranda rights and is currently illegally detaining individuals under the gaslighting tactics: of putting hand cuffs on them and escorting to an adult detention center leading citizens to believe they have been arrested and accused of a crime. Like in my case: I should have been mirandized 1/14/23 @ 4:04am when Judge Toqeer issued the arrest warrant.

Unlawfully mixing religion into the law 

The last statement on the TPO order (Order of protection) it is stated "why the petitioner should pray to the judge to approve a family violence order of protection".


Mixing religion and politics is like mixing ice cream and horse manure. Would you want to eat it?!??!

Religion & Law.jpg

The need to appear before a "Master" or "Special Master is offensive to the black American community and dates back to slavery.

Offensive master.jpg


Bad Apples Spoil the bunch and must be identified, removed and required to attend a mental health evaluation to identify their emotional triggers & be provided with ongoing emotional therapies.


Judge James Bodiford.jpg
Judge Janne.jpg

Cobb County, Georgia

Emotional abuse of power sheriff grabs inmate by throat

Georgia DFAC

Department of Family & Children Services Misconduct

Cobb County Police

Misconduct 12-year-old Boy

Georgia DFAC

& Judicial Misconduct

Cobb County Police

Rude Unethical Misconduct

Anyone can call CPS

for revenge on a parent!

GA DFCS employee

Rude Unethical Misconduct

Cobb County Police

Rude Unethical Misconduct


for misconduct

Overworked Burned out staff

Over 800 times 

Georgia DFCS Failed 

Georgia DFCS Misconduct

taking children without a warrant

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