How I fall back into love with myself.

Updated: Oct 31

Today my thoughts were confirmed: I have adult scoliosis which was developed and undiagnosed as a child. Now typically, when an adult discovers they have scoliosis treatment is either none or invasive surgery.

If your unaware scoliosis makes me prone to be easily injure my spinal cord, nerves etc.

My 2017 TBI exacerbated my back. The impact of that injury resulted in my cervical spine developing extreme Kyphosis which pretty much means my neck has no curve and bone is touching bone. ouch! Not only that, but because there is no curve the blood supply to my brain is being cutoff. Which for me: would explain why I have Hypotension. I actually fainted 2 weeks ago and fell (HARD) onto my 3-year-old.

What's even more frightening is when Dr. Tony explains: Adult scoliosis that begins to decline reflects my current symptoms and each year the curve will continue to become more exacerbated = MORE BODY PAIN!

Admittingly, I am in a horrendous amount of pain all day long from muscle spasms everywhere, head pressure, insomnia & debilitating migraines that has become my normal.

A few months back I realized I was letting these physical situations fill me with negative energy. I was so overburdened with my health issues that managing my kids as well became impossible without losing myself. So, I stopped. Then I said Danielle it's time to make that uncomfortable step and humble myself and start asking people for help. Literally I asked everyone (even "family") I came in contact with if they knew a doctor that could just take a look at my back. No one helped! Not a fucking soul!

Today, I had a consult with Dr. Tony from Scoliosis Reduction Center, Kissimmee FL. A doctor I found through YouTube. Dr. Tony like myself believes in medicine just not the medical industry. I've seen many specialists who have thrown RX's at me, PT which makes it worse as it's too slow of a process. or the very worst suggested surgery!

Dr. Tony's approach is an intensive program consisting of a multi-model approach: 8 hours a day for 10-days complete with homework, and custom braces for my neck and back (which I will be bedazzling) and wearing on and off for the next year.

After the 10 day's I have his promise of improving at the very least my functionality and reset the curve that has begun to accelerate in degeneration since I fell.

At the very best: PAIN GREATLY REDUCED and have functionality Like lifting over my head!! Dr. Tony's goal is to rewind back time with my spine, back to the small curve I had as a kid. Man, I already look 10 years younger than my age hahaha!


Expect no one to help you. Anticipate someone to help you, if your clear on what you need and you ask the right people!

I helped myself by doing the research, getting the information, and reaching out to him. There were x-rays I had to cover out of pocket. Which at the time, was financially difficult. My fight or flight diet help me as I still don't eat a lot of food because of it. I am glad I made the decision to get the X-rays!

Instead of paying that bill or waiting or hoping for someone to save me!

Always, Depend and rely upon your own abilities and information first!

Ms. Danielle Officer


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