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How to take back control over yourself and your life.

A spiritual journey requires you to take some bold crazy ass fuck actions.

I've always loved water, gazing at it my mind becomes filled with fantastic ideas. I've also always wanted to visit CA. So, I just left. SLS Hotels in Beverly Hills came highly recommended. Let me say the terrace room has not let me down! I'm enjoying the moment. To further manifesting my new life, I've rented a 2022 Telsa Model X plaid. OMG it has wings!!! Like an angel! I love that the way the doors open and close automatically.

For me this is such a polite gesture! Most men don't understand that concept. Yet here a damn car can be programed to do so! Ladies get the treatment you want out of life in whatever ways work for you!

I'll take a white with tan interior, thank you salesperson

This journey has a lot of uncomfortable moments. Like, I travelled to a state where I cannot bring my firearm, as I am not a resident.

Yet here I am! Finally get the opportunity to be and do 100% of me.


1. If you want a better life. When opportunity presents itself: DON'T SELF SABATAGOE

I did not talk myself out of or rationalize anything in my mind.

For me this means I'm unsure of myself and I'm just wasting time

because I'm afraid of the unknown which is a sick and unproductive cycle.

Take a bold move. For yourself. Go and experience life.

2. Never be afraid to experience new things alone. My uber driver thought I was insane for booking a trip to a place where most people bring a crowd. For me: I'm not into the crowds, it's distracting and takes away from the actual experience I came for. Further it would sabotage any opportunity I had to meet new people that are meant to assist me along my path.

I love and trust myself. I opted for Beverly Hills: An environment that would provide subsequent protection since, I don't have my firearm. All bases covered.

Ms. Danielle Officer

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