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What the fuck is the point of life insurance?

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

My understanding: Life insurance pays out monies to the companies that you hold debt with.

At the time of your demise. Your legacy will get whatever is left over.

Now if you're wealthy. Why do you need it? I mean, can't you cover your legacy and debts with your own personal wealth? Isn't that why you worked? To accrue personal wealth?

For me: life insurance is so boxy. I hate being in a box.

So why pay a corporation. That will hire robots. Who tell you. You can't live your life. BECAUSE if you dare jump out of that airplane.

They will cancel your policy. I mean why the fuck do you even need their policy?

Unlike auto insurance.

Life insurance is not mandatory. I'd rather live for the moment. Every moment.

I'm more afraid of missing every moment rather than fearing death. or my "policy" being cancelled.

For me death is not really final. I decided. I will come back either as a white bird or a white horse!

So why fear, coming back to the world as my favorite spirit animals?


Ms. Danielle Officer

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