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I am and WE are the future! We will raise the people up instead of keeping a foot on their throats. Unlike the state of Georgia . Who chooses to keep individuals in a state of perpetual fear to speak up. To keep wrong doings as status quo. It's a modern day slave master.


A state where police can blatantly make up lies and get away with it and NEVER face the consequences.


A state where ignorant judges can embarrass themselves yelling at citizens like a child acting out in need of attention and validation and FAIL to read incident reports and issue erroneous arrest warrants.


A state that has millions of dollars but will NOT provide any resources for the homeless.


A state where DFCS can come to your home and threaten your legal parental rights with lies and then when called out "cover up their embarrassment by saying the parents are non compliant"! 


A state where if you fall financially behind:

The city of Kennesaw can be petty and take your trash cans and then not pick up your garbage if you are unable to pay for sanitation pick up. It's Dehumanizing.

A state where individuals can call CPS in retaliation on innocent parents and flagrantly use resources that are intended for battered women and children without consequences regardless of the subsequent trauma the parents and children endure.


A state where they will turn off your water and electricity immediately regardless of childr3n and a restricted disability income.


A state family court's intentions are to have especially black mothers battle fathers in front of a court room full of people who don't need to know their personal business on a big screen TV.  This state will not provide a mediator who can find a common ground between the parents like other states. Instead Georgia goes for the juggler (YOUR FINANCES)


Corporate Donations:

Legacy 4miA's 1st Self Sustainable

Tiny Home Community: Cobb County, GA

Individual Donations:

Standing up against GA:

Police Corruption 

CPS Ignorance &Judicial Misconduct

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 Self Authorship

WayFinders see the vision.
Time is the only thing we cannot get back.
Don't waste it being ignorant.

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

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