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Summary: He abused me. I spoke up n out.

The state of Georgia Vs. Ms. Danielle Officer


Meet the Narcissistic Family: 

That for years used power, influence & fear tactics

To bully and silently emotionally abuse. And keep me an my children quiet.

My Ex: Michael Francis aka Continental Five

With his mother Geraldine Francis 

My children's Grandmother: Geraldine Francis

Who has made false CPS charges: Me owning firearms in Georgia!

The timeline.
Friday January 13, 2023

Late morning. Before I am arrested.

Michael bickered with me all morning.

Realizing he lost control of me
Michael becomes angry and:

Click on the image to be directed to the as of now still live video on TikTok.

Crisis Intervention

They bring along 6 police vehicles.

Based solely on Michael telling them I am having a

schizophrenic & bipolar episode.

AND STATING: I threatened to kill myself.


Now, due to experiencing Tachycardia on the scene.
And with a promise that Pam a peer coordinator would provide me domestic abuse shelter.
I agree and to take the ambulance to Kennestone Hospital.

(without my four children)

Tap for



The Peer Coordinator: Pam had left for the day.

Ride Home:
8:35 pm Friday January 13, 2023

Uber pick up bound for my "home".

Approximately 35 - 40 mins later

*My uber driver stopped at a nearby liquor store for me.

I had intentions on staying by myself in the basement and just unwinding.*

My phone accidentally records 
my arrival home.

Sound ​


Sound ​


These videos show nothing.

You hear My Anthony surprised me with cleaning up the mess that was left from earlier.

I was hastily packing and being interrupted by: (Scroll 2 tha top)

Months earlier we had an incident. I reported to my mother only.
Michael antagonizing me alone.
Backs me into the basement bathroom
continuing to state 

"You aint gonna shoot me".
"You aint got the balls"
Michael was on the phone with his cousin. 

I was so confused. A deer in headlights.

His cousin did eventually get him to back off of me.

Now I understand It was an act put on by a clown because he had an audience. 

So that he would have any sort of witness

I overhear Michael call the police and tell them:
"I damaged his vehicle".


Moments later...

Friday January 13, 2023

Officers arrival

Ofc  Ms. Brooklyn Owens

First Responding onto the scene. 


 Sgt. Nicholas Bobo

Second Responding onto the scene. 

Moral & Judicial Fact:
One person can not speak on behalf of someone else
Using false narratives = identity theft. 

Sound Here

Arrival Time Friday Jan. 13. 23 @ 10:53pm

About an hour and a half after arrival.
This has turned into an "interrogation"...

Click on this image to be directed to the DATE STAMPED

video still live on TikTok.

Ofc brooklyn owens.jpg

Saturday January 14, 2023 12:43 am
Now 2 hours in.

Officer Jeremy Mcghee's Interview with Michael

1/14/23 @ Approximately 1:14 am 
 I was arrested.

Reason for arrest.jpg
Ofc brooklyn owens.jpg

The real reason
I was arrested:


Exhibit 13.

When we allow bias: Feelings, Conceitedness, ignorance's blind spots, pessimism and egos
into the justice system = We will have corruption.


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